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About us
The BEMO-COFRA project is a 30-months EU-Brazil cooperative research project started in 2011.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation under Grant Agreement no. 288133

The Brazilian funding is provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


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The BEMO-COFRA project has planned a series of deliverables, as well as internal working documents, documenting the project results. 19 of these deliverables are available to the public once they have been accepted by the EC. Public deliverables can be downloaded using either the menu "Downloads" on the left or by clicking on "Download" under Status in the list below.

The project started in September 2011 (M1). The following list contains the deliverables and working documents planned up to and including M30 of the project.

Deliverable title Leading partner Delivery

D1.1 Project Quality & Risk Management Plan IN-JET M01 R CO Finished
D1.2.1 Intermediate Progress Report for the Commission 1 FIT M06 R CO Finished
D1.2.2 Intermediate Progress Report for the Commission 2 FIT M18 R CO Finished
D1.2.3 Intermediate Progress Report for the Commission 3 FIT M24 R CO Finished
D1.3.1 Period 1 Activity, Management and Financial Report FIT M12 R CO Finished
D1.3.2 Period 2 Activity, Management and Financial Report FIT M30 R CO Finished
D1.4 Plan for Managing Knowledge and Intellectual Property UFPE M09 R CO Finished
D2.1 State of Play in Production Monitoring and Control Systems COMAU M03 R PU Download
D2.2 Initial Requirements Report COMAU M05 R PU Download
D2.3 Validation Framework INJET M09 R RE Finished
D2.4 Change Request and Re-engineering Report IN-JET M15 R RE Finished
D2.5 Final Validation Report of the Platform COMAU M30 R PU Download
WD2.1 Lessons Learned IN-JET M12 R RE Finished
WD2.2 Updated Requirements Report COMAU M07 R RE Finished
WD2.3 Lessons Learned and Results of Usability Evaluation IN-JET M24 R RE Finished
D3.1 Robotics and Sensor Integration State of the Art UFPE M10 R PU Download
D3.2 Architectural Design Specification UFPE M15 R RE Finished
D3.3 Traffic Modelling for Industrial Applications UFPE M24 R PU Download
WD3.1 Updated Key Requirements Specification UFPE M14 R RE Finished
WD3.2 Refined Architecture Specification UFPE M20 R RE Finished
D4.1 Dependability Features in Single and Multi-Radio WSANs ISMB M16 P RE Finished
D4.2 Dependability Features in Multi-Radio WSANs UFPE M18 P RE Finished
D4.3 WSAN Network Management VTT M26 P PU Download
D4.4 Integrated Large-Scale Heterogeneous WSANs ISMB M30 P RE Finished
D5.1.1 Initial Infrastructure for Distributed Control Logic COMAU M13 P PU Download
D5.1.2 Final Infrastructure for Distributed Control Logic COMAU M25 P PU Download
D5.2.1 Initial Administration Tool VTT M15 P PU Download
D5.2.2 Final Administration Tool VTT M28 P PU Download
D5.3.1 Initial LinkSmart-enabled Environment CNET M15 P PU Download
D5.3.2 Final LinkSmart-enabled Environment CNET M28 P PU Download
D6.1 IoT Enabled Legacy Devices for Production Monitoring CNET M12 P PU Download
D6.2 WSN Integrated Platform ISMB M18 P RE Finished
D6.3 Data Fusion Engine for Production Monitoring FIT M24 P RE Finished
D6.4 Software Interfaces for Controlling Production Devices/Equipment COMAU M26 P CO Finished
D6.5 Production Monitoring and Control Platform CNET M30 P RE Finished
D7.1 Report on Application Development IVISION M26 R PU Download
D7.2 Final Industrial Test Site Assessment COMAU M30 P RE Finished
WD7.1 Developed Software Application COMAU M24 P RE Finished
WD7.2 Final Industrial Test Site Assessment COMAU M28 P RE Finished
D8.1 Report on the Business Strategies and the Exploitation Plan IN-JET M12 R PU Download
D8.2.1 Dissemination Report I UFAM M12 R PU Download
D8.2.2 Dissemination Report II UFAM M30 R PU Download
D8.3 Report on Innovation Transfer Activities COMAU M30 R PU Download
D8.4 Training Package for Software Developers IN-JET M03 R PU Download

[1] Deliverable numbers in order of delivery dates: D1.1 – D8.4. WD signifies an internal working document.

[2] Month in which the deliverables will be available. Month 0 marking the start of the project, all delivery dates relative to start date.

[3] The nature of the deliverable using one of the following codes: R = Report - P = Prototype.

[4] The dissemination level using one of the following codes: PU = Public RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services). CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).