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About us
The BEMO-COFRA project is a 30-months EU-Brazil cooperative research project started in 2011.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation under Grant Agreement no. 288133

The Brazilian funding is provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


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Press coverage

The BEMO-COFRA project is generating public attention in the press, both in Europe and in Brazil. Here are a selection of the magazines and papers that have carried articles or news flashes about the project.

Jornal do Commercio
The Recife paper "Jornal do Commercio" carried a lengthy description of the kick-off meeting, which was held in Recife on 27 September 2011. The online version (in Portuguese) is available here.

European Commission and Brazilian Government
As one of five selected projects for co-funding by the EC and Brazil, BEMO-COFRA was invited to a EU-Brazil workshop in Brasília on 7th November 2011. The European Commission and the Brazil Government congratulated BEMO-COFRA for its successful participation in the joint research and issued the following certificate:

BEMO-COFRA at Hannover Messe 2013
The BEMO-COFRA project was represented at the Hannover Messe in Germany by project partner FIT. A press release was made to announce the event: Process oriented energy control and optimization at Hannover Messe 2013