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About us
The BEMO-COFRA project is a 30-months EU-Brazil cooperative research project started in 2011.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation under Grant Agreement no. 288133

The Brazilian funding is provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


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The BEMO-COFRA Network Architecture has been refined

The main improvements made include the introduction of a Business Intelligence Layer to ensure the interoperability of different devices and ecosystems that interact with BEMO-COFRA systems (see the figure below) and improvements to the functional view that shows which functional components interact with each other.

Use Case Diagram of the Business Intelligence

The introduction of the new layer, the Business Intelligence Layer, provides users with the capacity to manage BEMO-COFRA services according to established requirements. Moreover, it allows stakeholders to easily create new businesses that can interoperate with already existing ones.

The BEMO-COFRA network architecture defines the network capabilities that allow the BEMO-COFRA platform to connect the world of physical devices, sensors and actuators with the support of the middleware LinkSmart. These currently use Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) architecture for communication between devices in the Internet of Things and external systems. The network architecture is used as the reference for building BEMO-COFRA enabled solutions and thus feeds into the technical development work carried out in the other technical work packages.