The final stages of integration
Posted by on 29. January 2014
During the final month of the project, the technical partners will work together remotely on various integration aspects. Partners ISMB & VTT are currently integrating the wireless sensor module with the network management module, thereby enabling the supervision and control of the wireless network. This integration work will make it possible to see how many nodes are connected, the signal strength of each node, and to control e.g. how often sensor values should be sent.

Partners FIT and COMAU are also working together remotely on a different integration aspect. They have built an iPad App for monitoring a production cell which will be connected with the real robot and other sensors (e.g. thermometer, power sensor, clamp sensor, etc.) through an industrial middleware called OPC. They will then combine the wireless sensors and the industrial sensors using the LinkSmart middleware. The wireless sensor is going to be used for measuring the vibration of the SKID (the SKID carries the car into the production cell) since too much vibration will normally place the SKID in an incorrect position. The wireless sensor will also be used for checking if the clamps are fully locked or if they jammed for some reason.
Extended News
The final integration work in the project is carried out in two stages. The first stage of integration is being done remotely in order to save both time and costs. The second and final stage of integration will be done at COMAUís premises in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, in connection with the full demonstration of the BEMO-COFRA platform at the final review meeting in March 2014.